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Provide educational content and become a trusted expert

Publish educational content about health topics, conditions and treatments on MedWatcherTM and become the expert that users trust.

If you don’t do it, it is likely your patients and users will turn to Google.

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What is MedWatcherTM?

MedWatcher is the general space within the ImpactMonitorTM platform

On MedWatcher, users monitor and share insights about their health status, conditions, treatments and medicines they are taking. It’s a space everyone has access to, and can navigate from into specific product spaces.

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Users track their health status, conditions, treatments and medicines.

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Users answer scientifically validated patient-reported-outcomes (PROM) targeted to their condition.

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Users receive educational content related to their health interest and profile.

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Users share insights and compare themselves with other users.

How you can better communicate in today’s world

Forget Google — become your patients' first choice of medical advisor

You are an expert in the conditions you offer treatments and products for. We bet you have knowledge that users would really value.

Become the trusted advisor you would wish for yourself.

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Your own publisher area

Publish content on health topics, conditions, and treatments for your audience.

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Free access to knowledge

Build a library of relevant and timely information so users feel inspired, informed, and supported.

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Interactions with users

Become a trusted expert that users follow and interact with. You can learn a lot from your followers.

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Perception of competencies

Maintain your own publisher account and draw attention to what you stand for.

Get started today

Are you a healthcare professional and want to start publishing on MedWatcherTM?
Join us today.

MedWatcherTM is open to all qualified healthcare actors.

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Why ImpactMonitorTM platform

Our figures speak for themselves

Looking at existing apps and solutions, we realized that patients and users needed a one-stop platform to track their health, various illnesses, and medications. On the other hand, manufacturers also want to provide their users with the best possible digital support. Both combined results in the ImpactMonitorTM platform.



are active on the platform and 40% of users per day are recurring.



are taken by our users.



are tracked by our users.

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We connect patients and pharma for a better life

We cannot do this alone. We need you too.
It’s your patients and users who advance our knowledge base.

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