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Our research and industry network

Broad support from top experts

Together, we want to build the largest one-stop Real World patient support platform in Germany. We believe this is the future for the entire industry.

Andreas Arntzen

CEO @ Word&Picture Publisher

Professor Dr. Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer

Münster University

Dr. Patrick Pfeffer

Founder & CEO @ Aescuvest
ex-MD WebMD Germany

Dr. Richard Ammer


Jürgen Graalmann

Founder @ Bridgehöpfe

Professor Dr. Michael Popp

Founder & CEO @ Bionorica

Katja Ruhnke

CEO @ CK Venture Capital

Dr. Björn Schittenhelm

Digital pioneer for pharmacies

Tim Jürgens

CEO @seedlink
Ex-CEO of Diabetes Care @ Roche

Admir Kulin

CEO @ m.Doc

Joss Hertle

Ex-Healthcare @ Google
Ex-Digital Head @ Sanofi

Marius Rosenberg

MD @ Startup
Excellence RWTH Aachen

Ralf König

Digital pioneer in healthcare

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rel. pol. Konrad Obermann

University of Mannheim

Stephan Huber

CEO @ Denkpharma

Matthias Suermondt

Partner @ Bridgehöpfe
Ex-boss PR @ Sanofi

Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Hasford (†)

Helmholtz Center Munich

Dr. Martin Zentgraf

Ex-chairman @ BPI
Ex-CEO @ Destin


Find answers to frequently asked questions about XO Life.

How can I get in touch with XO Life?

To contact XO Life, you can contact form fill out on our website or send us an email to send. We aim to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

What takes place during the 40-minute demo?

XO Life offers a range of digital health solutions, including a SaaS platform that connects patients and manufacturers/pharmaceuticals. Our ImpactMonitors help track treatment journeys and promote better patient outcomes.TM Product and therapeutic areas and explain their key elements, functions and benefits. We will then be happy to answer your individual questions and discuss your specific requirements.

What is the ImpactMonitorTM?

The ImpactMonitorTM is a one-stop shop that brings together all pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to offer all patients digital therapy or treatment support involving experts. In addition to the general area - MedWatcherTM - which we are responsible for together with leading research institutes such as Charité, Every pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer receives its own product areas. Easily accessible, without effort, from a single application.

What is the difference between ImpactMonitorTM and MedWatcherTM?

MedWatcherTM is the general area for all patients to be able to manage their medications, conditions and therapies and to optimize their health. The ImpactMonitorTM is a special product and therapy area that deals with a product or therapy. It is a technical clone of MedWatcherTM app and is intended as a one-stop shop. Instead of receiving general information, ImpactMonitor connectsTM Patients with reliable and detailed information about a pharmaceutical company's product or treatment area. The advantage of this is that patients can easily use different ImpactMonitorsTM Be able to use product or therapy areas without having to register again and again or download a new app.

Who can I contact if I have individual questions?

Individual questions can be asked during a product demo, by email to or telephonic be asked.