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Digitise your pharmacovigilance and become your patients’ health companion

Nobody likes to hear about negative events concerning their products, but when it happens, be there for your patients or users in the most user-friendly and efficient way.

Dissatisfied patients or users can be detrimental to your brand.

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Our GAMP-certified and GVP-compliant service - professionals know what we are talking about

Pharmacovigilance is where you can make a difference too

We want pharmacovigilance not to be perceived as an annoying activity, but as a value-creating patient service. 
Pharmacovigilance is part of any good treatment support.

There are various pharmacovigilance versions available on our ImpactMonitorTM-Platform. For our customers, the service is an integrated component that can be used by the entire company.

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Efficient report entry

Users can enter their suspected side effects via a standardized and structured process. The report is then automatically sent to the affected company.

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Quick digital follow-ups

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can contact their patients or users directly for inquiries via a user-friendly chat and automatic notifications.

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Automatic data coding

Report data is automatically MedDRA and ATC encoded to achieve better data quality and save valuable time.

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Real-Time Insights

The workflow is simple and automated, so pharmaceutical companies can use and analyze this data in real time.

Benefits of digital treatment support

The impact of great patient and user experience

We know that providing digital patient or user support from a pharma perspective can be intimidating. But to create lasting value for both your users and your business, good user experience is essential.


of users expect a company to answer their questions and respond to their negative experiences.


of all users believe that companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience.


of users would stop buying from a company after a bad customer experience and share their negative experience through word-of-mouth.


times more expensive is acquiring new patients than retaining an existing user through good user support.

Our growth

Digital support is only becoming more valuable for patients

The proof is in the figures. Follow in the footsteps of the pharma and medtech companies who have already made the decision to support their patients and users in a new, intuitive way.


pharma and medtech companies are processing reports from our platform.

> 50%

follow-up response rate from patients and users.


time savings compared to analogue and current standard processes.

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We connect patients and pharma for a better life

We cannot do this alone. We need you too.
It’s your patients and users who advance our knowledge base.

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